Our Services
1. Valves Services

Our valve service team is established as part of our after sales support to our customers as we understand the importance of plant repair and maintenance. Our valve repair workshop is located at Bizpark Daan Mogot, Jakarta Barat . And our services team consists of personnel who are experienced, trained and possess the skills and ability to overhaul and services for all valves.

Our valve service capabilities includes :
  • On-site valve assessment, troubleshooting, calibration, installation, commissioning and supervision
  • Prevention maintenance, corrective maintenance and valve modification
  • Conduct factory acceptance test
Country Of Origin : Indonesia

2. Honeywell

Mainly we can sell Honeywell products in our portfolio. We can help the customer to determine the suitable equipment to be installed in their plants. We can do engineering for revamping project. We can help our customer in boiler problem with our Infrared Trasnmitter and Flame Detector. We have experiences in commissioning Distributed Control System especially Honeywell DCS system.

Country Of Origin : USA

3. BRUSH Turbogenerators


BRUSH GMS has provided engineering driven solutions for generation equipment in electric utility and industrial plants for over 20 years. With a full range of inspection, testing, repair and patented retrofits, BRUSH GMS ensure our customers receive a timely and quality service incorporating custom engineering for life extension and maintenance of a wide range of generators and excitation systems.

BRUSH GMS is dedicated to upholding our high standards of excellence and we offer value solutions for all 3rd party generators providing technical qualifications in line with the OEM and utilizing our own OEM expertise and support network for BRUSH generators and control systems.

Our highly skilled and uniquely qualified service engineers are dedicated to providing timely service to meet both scheduled and emergency outage needs and our support teams can answer any queries you have about our capabilities and deliver quotation and technical advice.» PRISMIC® Power Management Systems

4. Flowserve

We can help customer with valve problems. We are Flowserve main Distributor for Oil & Gas Industries in Indonesia. We have installed our Flowserve Starpack to maximized production in our Offshore customer. We have proven record performance in our Globe Control Valve, Mark One. Our Valtek GS is a favorites product for some of our customer. We also provide aftersales support for our valves sold to our customers. We do FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) as well as SAT (Site Acceptance Test) which ever suitable to our customer. There is no doubt that our product is one of the best in the world.

Country Of Origin : USA

5. Techimp

We can help our customer with their partial discharge problem in their motors and generators. Our technologies in proven one of the best used in this field of services. We have installed some products to our customers in Indonesia. We can help our customer with Transformer monitoring, where this prevent them for having burn down the whole transformer should they have partial discharge problem. Our IntelliSAW can give comprehensive Monitoring for critical MV and LV assets. We can also provide PD monitoring unti ffor medium voltage switchgears, cables, transformers and motors.

Country Of Origin : Italy
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