Awards from customers

By Admin on September 21, 2021 in News

Year of 2021 should be the year of uncertainties where we did not know when this Covid-19 Pandemic would end. Many companies had suffered a big loss to their business and some had collapsed. PT Triguna Mandala, too, suffered from the Economic turndown the same as the rest of the companies in Indonesia even throughout the world. However, due to PT Triguna Mandala consistent excellent performance to our customers with all the projects won by us.

Here are the credentials from satisfied customers. These projects that we completed were not easy projects. They were tight schedule projects and full of challenges in these projects. Our project team had work extra hard to complete these projects. These achievements would not have been accomplished without our project team with their resilience effort to strive beyond expectation. We thank our partners as well as our customers who had trusted us for their projects. We hope that we can consistently performed excellent result with our future projects.

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