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Our Services

1. Lubrizol Specialty Products


Liquid Power TM Flow Improvers

Minimise drag reduction and offers a total package solution analyzing your pipeline needs and company objectives.

Lubrizol Specialty Products Inc. (LSPI) is the world leader in the science of drag reduction by providing product and solution improve the day-to-day pipelines operations.

Advantage :»  Maximise the flow potential of pipelines

»  Increase operational flexibility

»  Increase throughput capacity

»  Reduces energy consumption

Country Of Origin : USA


2. BRUSH Turbogenerators


AfterMarket for TurboGenerators

BRUSH GMS has provided engineering driven solutions for generation equipment in electric utility and industrial plants for over 20 years. With a full range of inspection, testing, repair and patented retrofits, BRUSH GMS ensure our customers receive a timely and quality service incorporating custom engineering for life extension and maintenance of a wide range of generators and excitation systems.

BRUSH GMS is dedicated to upholding our high standards of excellence and we offer value solutions for all 3rd party generators providing technical qualifications in line with the OEM and utilizing our own OEM expertise and support network for BRUSH generators and control systems.

Our highly skilled and uniquely qualified service engineers are dedicated to providing timely service to meet both scheduled and emergency outage needs and our support teams can answer any queries you have about our capabilities and deliver quotation and technical advice.»  PRISMIC® Power Management Systems

»  PRISMIC® Excitation Systems

»  Transformers

»  Replacement of Turbogenerators

Country Of Origin : United Kingdom