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Hydrogen Sulfide Process Analyzer

PT605-H2S Process Analyzer

Model PT605 H2S Process Analyzer has been designed for the detection of Hydrogen Sulfide in process streams and in Natural Gas Pipeline.

The system is cost effective yet highly accurate and reliable. An industry standard 4-20mA output and three programmable alarm relay contacts are provided. These relay contacts can be used to control shut in valves. A large LCD display with back light and push button switches on the front panel are provided for easy user interface calibration.

Also available on this H2S analyzer are real time clock and non-volatile memory for historical data logging. The unit is MODBUS RTU serial communication compatible with PLC’s, SCADA, and DCS systems. PT605 Analyzer provides complete status like current gas concentration, last successful calibration date & time and current alarm status via MODBUS link. The alarm levels can also be accessed and programmed via MODBUS.

Features of the PT605 H2S Process Analyzer

  • High reliability
  • Easy Automated Calibration
  • Three (3) Programmable alarm relays
  • 4-20mA analog output
  • RS232/485 Serial Interface

H2S Analyzer Product Specifications

  • Range:
    • Available in three different ranges 0-25, 0-200 & 0-1000 PPM (parts per million)
      (Call factory for other available ranges)
  • Method of Detection:
    • Electrochemical Sensing Technology
  • Electrical Classification:
    • Class I, Div 1 Suitable for use in Hazardous Location
  • Mounting Options:
    • Panel mount 25″W x 20″H x 7″D OR Fiberglass enclosure 24″W x 36″H x 10″D
  • Weight
    • Panel Mount: 35 Lbs (17 Kg)
    • Fiberglass enclosure: 60 Lbs (27 Kg)
  • Sample Gas Physical properties:
    • Dry and particle free
    • Temperature: 10°F to 110°F (4°C to 50°C)
    • Maximum inlet pressure 2000 PSIG
  • Sample Inlet Tube Fittings
    • ¼” Stainless Steel tube fittings
  • Repeatability:
    • When challenged with same calibration gas,
      within ± 0.2 ppm for 0-25 ppm,
      ± 3 ppm for 0-200 ppm
  • Alarm Relays:
    • 3 each SPDT fully programmable dry relay contacts rated
    • 5 amps @ 125 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Analog Output:
    • 4-20 mA ( 350 maximum loop resistance )
  • Display:
    • Large 4 lines by 16 character LCD display with back light.
  • Peripheral and Interface (Optional):
    • Real time clock calendar with non-volatile
    • RS232/485 serial communication.
  • Supply Voltage:
    • 18-28 VDC
    • 117 VAC (240 VAC option available)
  • Power Consumption:
    • < 4 watts
  • Warranty:
    • 1 years limited on electronics and workmanship
  • Ordering Information:
    • Part Number: 605-H-25 Range: 0-25 ppm
      605-H-100 Range: 0-100 ppm
      605-H-200 Range: 0-200 ppm