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Process Analyzers

Process Gas Analyzers

Our dependable and cost-effective on-stream process gas analyzers have been meticulously designed to accurately detect hydrogen sulfide (HS2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in process streams and natural gas pipelines, including current gas concentration, the last successful calibration date and time, and the current alarm status. Our hydrogen sulfide on-stream process analyzer and our carbon dioxide (CO2) on-stream process analyzer come with standard 4-20mA outputs and three programmable alarm relay contacts for shut-in valves. In addition, our on-stream process analyzers feature large and backlit LCD displays, easy-access push-button switches on the front, and the ability to log historical data.

These are two of the available process gas analyzers at Pem-tech.  If you do not see what you need, please contact Pem-tech.

On-Stream Process Gas Analyzer Models

PT605 Hydrogen Sulfide H2S

Model PT605 on stream monitor / analyzer has been designed for the detection of Hydrogen Sulfide in process streams and in Natural Gas Pipeline. More

PT605 Carbon Dioxide CO2

Model PT605-CO2 on stream monitor / analyzer has been designed for the detection of Carbon Dioxide in Process Streams and Natural Gas Pipeline. More