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Pemtech Gas Detection

Pemtech Gas Detection System

Gas Sensor

Utilizing the industry’s most popular and reliable gas sensing technologies: Metal-Oxide semiconductor (MOS), electrochemical, catalytic bead and infrared (IR). All toxic and combustible gas sensors are designed to meet all possible applications.

Gas Monitor

Full range of multi-channel and modular gas monitors and controllers designed using the latest in microprocessor technology. Pem-Tech’s gas monitors are available in a variety of wall and rack-mount styles for installation in safe and hazardous locations.

Gas Analizers

Pem-Tech’s On-stream analyzers for the measurement od H2S and CO2 gas concentration in process gas streams. Easy, fully automated calibration and minimal maintenance for variety of applications.

Wireless Gas Detection

A full range of gas sensors and monitors utilizing the most reliable technology combined with cutting edge wireless capability for continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Easy connectivity to visual and audible alarms and Emergency Shut Downs (ESD).