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LP™ 100

LPTM 100

For Crude Oil


LPTM 100 Flow Improver is a part of the Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc. (LSPI) range of innovative and technologically superior Flow Improver Solutions. This pioneering suspension product provides the answer to crude petroleum pipeline needs.


LPTM 100 Flow Improver is an aqueous suspension. Its robust characteristics make it an optimum drag reducer for many pipeline applications. LP™ 100 Flow Improver can provide greater than 80% drag reduction. This benefit allows companies to strategically reduce pipeline operating costs, increase throughput, decrease pressure or shut down intermediate pump stations.


Great performance :
  • Greater than 80% drag reduction in a more environmentally friendly formula.
  • Increases flow rates while maintaining current pipeline pressures.
  • Maintains flow while reducing pipeline pressures.
  • Allows shutting down of intermediate pump stations.
Superior technology :
  • Improves pipeline capacity without capital investment.
  • Less polymer required to achieve a given performance.
  • Lower injection rates than other drag reducers.
  • Faster dissolution rates than other drag reducers.
  • Reduces internal corrosion rate by up to 40%.

LPTM 100 Flow Improver dissolves into flowing product without coating pipeline walls, and increases throughput while reducing internal corrosion rates. The polymer technology developed by Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc. allows greater amounts of active polymer to be deployed in a fixed amount of product while improving the dissolution dynamics. The polymer of choice shows excellent hydrocarbon affinity and is able to attain elevated levels of drag reduction under varied operating scenarios. It also has the strength to effectively endure shear forces.


LPTM 100 Flow Improver is easy to handle, store and clean up. LPTM 100 Flow Improver flows easily and does not require nitrogen pressurized storage tanks.

See back page for product properties.

Graph IP 100The performance curve shows the performance range in which LPTM100 Flow Improver operates, depending on pipeline and crude conditions.

LPTM 100

Product Properties

Designed for use on Petroleum crude oil
Flow Improver type Suspension
Carrier / Solvent Water
Maximum drag reduction Greater than 80%
Typical concentration 5 to 50 ppm
Color White
Density 8.0 lbs/gal (0.96 g/cm3)
Flash Point Not applicable
Viscosity 350 cP @ 511s-1 (Non-Newtonian) @ 77°F/25°C
Freezing Point 32°F (0°C)
Boiling Point 212°F (100°C)
Vapor Pressure 0.46 psia (23.8 mm Hg) @ 77°F/25°C
Operating range 32°F to 110°F (0°C to 43.3°C)
Product stability Stable emulsion
Intermittent agitation required
Pressure No nitrogen or pressurized vessels required
Heating Heating tracing and heating required under freezing conditions
Climate control environment available
Pumps Various designs available for different injection range and environments
Range 5 to 2,500 gal/day (20 to 9,500 L/day)
Flow meter Mass (Coriolis)
Automation Available
Reference country specific Safety Data Sheet for local requirements.
Safety & Health Nonflammable; Nonhazardous
(per U.S. OSHA) Low toxicity. Conventional protection equipment
Environmental Not classified as hazardous waste
(per U.S. EPA)